Green Peel

Stay young with new skin from the original method developed in Germany by Dr.Med.Christine Schrammek-Drusio. Medically inspired, dermatologically efficient – with three new treatments formulas for all application areas in the Face and on the Body at every age. A purely based formula and product offered a safe peeling method alternative to aggressive Chemical peels and Laser Resurfacing with no unwanted side effects.


CLASSIC New skin in only 5 days!

The solution for a number of skin problems:

• Large pores, scars

• Acne, impure skin, blemishes

• Dull, saggy skin and poor circulation

• Sun-damaged, age spots and melazma

Works best in series from 3-6 treatments with interval of every 28 days

This treatment includes: First Treatment, Follow-up “Beauty” treatment after five days, and product for home care.


Before Treatment

During Treatment

After First Treatment




Advanced Anti-aging Treatments

without skin peeling

ENERGYStimulate your skin!

• Effective and long-lasting, immediately noticeable

• Activate blood circulation and skin metabolism

• Helps diminish age related factors

• Blemishes, impurities and hyper-pigmentation

Ideal as an intensive treatment every 2 to 3 weeks or several times a year

Ideal treatment for Summer.



FRESH UP – Illuminate your skin!

• Vitalizes the cells – the skin glows with renewed freshness

• More radiant complexion

• For a Special Occasion, e.g.

• For a Party or important Business meeting

Ideal preventative measure to combat premature aging and loss of elasticity, even when this is not yet visible.