Liposomal Ferulac

What is Ferulac acid and why is it so important, especially during high UV month?

Ferulac acid is found in the cells walls of plants such as wheat, rice, peanuts, oranges, and apples. It seems to be particularly abundant in coffee and amaranth (the name comes from Greek for “the one that does not wither,” presumably as a result of all the ferulac acid). It is an antioxidant that can seek and destroy several different types of free radical – “superoxide,”hydroxyl radical,” and “nitric oxide”- according to a 2002 Japanese study.

A 2004 Italian study concluded that ferulac acid is a more powerful antioxidant than alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), beta-carotene, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Meanwhile, Duke University researches blended it with vitamin C and E and proclaimed it a “potent ubiquitous plant anti-oxidant.” In fact, it was discovered to act synergistically with other antioxidants and, in this case, rendered the vitamin C and E more powerful. The Duke study found it particularly good for preventing sun damage, and studies elsewhere have demonstrated that exposure to ultraviolet light actually increases the antioxidant power of ferulac acid.

Naturally this super antioxidant does more than prevent wrinkles. It fights cancer, is helpful for diabetics and even reduces hot flashes.

Ferulac Peel: The results

With Professional Peel treatments the skin undergoes a complete transformation. With visible benefits after the first application, which become more pronounced with time:

  • The skin will soft and smooth
  • The texture will become fine and translucent
  • The color will be healthy and radiant
  • Wrinkles, spots and other aging signs are minimized
  • The facial features become more relaxed and the contour becomes firmer and more toned

Ferulac Peel: Feature

  • Immediately after peeling, clients can observe very soft skin (better skin texture and smoothness), very bright and shiny.
  • Improves pigmented lesions (melasma, lentigo, moles) from the first application.
  • It can be used in all seasons, and on any types of skin and races. For best results six treatments needed every 7-14 days.

Ferulac Peel: Advantage

  • Simple process: Short skin contact time
  • Easy to integrate with daily practice recommended by Esthetician
  • No irritation (itching or burning), and no risk of hyperpigmentation
  • Effective anti-aging: reduces wrinkles
  • Depigmentation action: reduces hyperpigmentations, lentigos, melasma and postinflammatory of hyperpigmentation, and promotes an even skin tone
  • Improves the skin texture
  • Useful for acne vulgaris and acne scars. Reduces the pore size
  • Hydration: Increases the level of ceramides and improve the defending function of the skin preventing the water loss through the skin
  • Stimulate cell replacement
  • Improves the skins natural brightness